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Comprehensive Guide for Medical and Recreational Cannabis in Southern California

For those seeking a reputable source for medical marijuana in Long Beach, CA & Burbank, CA, or recreational weed in Los Angeles, CA & Marina Del Rey, CA, look no further than MMD Shops. Founded in 2006, this respected California business prides itself in facilitating easy, safe and legal access to top-notch cannabis products.

Discover Four Convenient Locations

With four main locations generously dotted across Southern California, MMD Shops strives to make your cannabis shopping as hassle-free as possible. Whether you’re in Hollywood, Santa Monica, or surrounding areas, rest assured, there’s a cannabis dispensary near you.

Recreational Cannabis: What You Should Know

Recreational cannabis has been legal in California for adults over the age of 21 since 2016. This was a game-changer for Los Angeles and Marina Del Rey residents, providing them with an alternative to traditional leisure activities. At MMD Shops, our recreational weed selection features an abundance of strains, ensuring we cater to divergent preferences and needs.

Medical Marijuana: Your Health, Our Concern

For Long Beach and Burbank residents considering medical marijuana, MMD Shops is your go-to source. We understand how crucial it is to find a variety of top-notch, certified products for your particular needs. Serving as your reliable ‘cannabis dispensary near me,’ our range spans from edibles and oils to flowers and tinctures.

Take the Next Step

Whether you’re searching for recreational or medical cannabis, take the next step with MMD Shops. Savour the convenience, variety, and quality we offer across our dispensaries in Southern California. We’re ready to serve and guide you as you navigate the fulfilling world of legal cannabis.