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The Unique Experience at The Outpost | East Coast Cannabis

Spend a day exploring the wonders of East Coast Cannabis, notably, the Kittery Outpost! This epicentre of all things cannabis is not just a retail outlet, but a holistic experience designed to enlighten and uplift your spirit.

A Discerning Destination

Very few destinations match The Outpost in its quest to provide top-notch recreational and medical cannabis. Known for its detailed approach, the outpost has served customers from all walks of life, each complementing the richness of East Coast Cannabis’ product collection. Comfortably nestled in the heart of Kittery, the outlet is a beacon, drawing enthusiasts with its high-quality wares and services.

Your Cannabis Connoisseur

From sophisticated strains to aromatic infusions, The Outpost boasts an incredible selection meant to serve the most discerning cannabis connoisseur. Guided by a team of highly-skilled staff, you’re assured of tailor-made recommendations to suit your unique taste.

The Outpost at East Coast Cannabis is not just a store. It’s an intimate journey into the world of premium cannabis. Your adventure awaits with every visit, as the heart of Kittery plays host to this incredible experience. Come, be part of it.