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Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Saugatuck: A Cannabis Destination

Saugatuck, often deemed as the Art Coast of Michigan, has much more to offer than just its picturesque landscapes and sparkling shorelines. One of the unconventional yet increasingly popular aspects of the town’s life is its growing recognition as a cannabis destination.

A New Tipple of Choice

Saugatuck has been long known for its breweries and wine-tasting tours. However, the recent years’ developments have paved a path for cannabis to rise as a new tipple of choice. Fueled by the legalization and growing acceptance, enthusiasts and curious tourists are flocking to places like New Standard Saugatuck, a legal and safe oasis for cannabis consumption.

Whenever you’re in town, make sure you stop by at New Standard Saugatuck. Their expert team is always ready to facilitate every visitor, whether they are seasoned users or beginners. They will give you a rundown of their products, effects, and the best way to consume.

Exploring Saugatuck’s Cannabis Scene

While a trip to the dispensary is a must for cannabis enthusiasts, Saugatuck has much more to offer. Popular cannabis-themed events in town include the annual 420 Festival in April, cannabis cooking classes, and yoga sessions infused with cannabis relaxation vibes. Every trip to Saugatuck presents a new adventure and a chance to explore approachable, enjoyable, and fun experiences around cannabis.

Ever thought of adding a creative spin to cannabis usage? Try one of the art classes dotted around the city focused on incorporating cannabis into painting, pottery, and even music. These classes are often a highlight for those wanting to immerse in the local art scene while enjoying a responsible cannabis experience.

Enjoy Responsible Cannabis Tourism

Remember, while cannabis is legal in Saugatuck, there are still rules that apply. Always ensure you are buying from state-licensed retailers like New Standard Saugatuck instead of resorting to the black market. Follow the age limit, public consumption laws, and transport rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or just keen on exploring new indulgences, Saugatuck provides a perfect backdrop for your cannabis journey. Start planning your visit to this enchanting town here.